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If there is a God why does he allow suffering?


When we are unwell, or have a problem affecting our lives, we find we have to trust somebody or something. They do not know the root cause of our health problems, And we know it is beyond us. We do not have a way out - but God does. He is offering us all His creative power to break free from our bondage, to give us a life of better health of both mind and body. To see the body and its functioning as just something mechanical and natural is too limited. Our bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made, and not every thing is understood or known about its various functions and workings even today. Our mind affects our body, our spiritual and moral health affects our mind, and our physical health. God knows about them all. He made them.
The following principles will show how we can trust in Divine power to be truly well.
  • Our bodies were designed and made by God. We cannot create the life we have. Every new life is a miracle.
  • Day by day our bodies keep working - our heart beats, our eyelids blink, our food digests - all sustained by the power of God.
  • We are made the care takers of our bodies.
  • In order to have a good working body and mind we have to treat it according to the rules that govern it and rely on divine power for daily recuperation and functioning. Divine power and human effort together linked by trust.
Understanding and living by these principles is what brings satisfaction and fulfilment to life.
Gardening is strongly recommended, as a satisfying healthy exercise. Growing something is a good illustration of the principle of divine power and human effort. You did not make the soil or the seed, but you prepare the soil and plant the seed. You weed the ground and protect the seed. You watch it grow and develop, until finally you can pick it to eat or to look at and enjoy. But it was God who made the soil, and the seed, and gave it the power to germinate, grow and develop, cell by cell.
You had something to do too, to be able to pick the flowers or eat the produce. If you had not planted the seed, divine power could not have made it germinate. It was divine power and human effort together. Without realising it, you trusted that divine power fully, knowing that if you planted potatoes you would get potatoes and that they would grow. Nothing is so 'natural' that it just happens. It is the same with the health of our bodies - it is human cooperation with divine power at every step. If we daily follow the recommended prescriptions for health - divine power will work to restore our lives. Our food. Our water. Our rest, exercise, fresh air, self control, time in the sunshine and trust in God. He is the One behind all our life. He alone can give us Health and Hope, if we obey.

God is kindly toward us. He will not reject even the remnant of an abused life. He wants all to be well with us. It is never too late.

TRUSTING CAN BE HARD. There have been too many disappointments. As a result, we have tried to shield ourselves, to work things out for ourselves, to avoid being hurt yet again. To trust in God means to become as a little child again and take at face value what is said to us, - but this time, what is said to us by God, in the verses of the Bible.

There is a story of a small girl from Belize who needed open heart surgery and as a result of the work of a charitable doctor was taken to America for the surgery to be done. She was a very little girl and all alone in a strange country. Around her bed were all the pieces of equipment of an intensive care ward. As she was being prepared for surgery she looked seriously at her special nurse and asked, 'Does my doctor love me?' The tender

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