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We all have 24 hours in the day, but some people seem to get so much more done while others experience problems achieving
anything. What makes the difference?

We know what causes the trouble - children’s queries, telephone calls, interruptions, something lost, visitors come or the unexpected happens. On such a day nothing gets done and it feels frustrating. There is no sense of achievement or satisfaction.
leaks away! What are some of the ‘time leaks’, that spoil the day? Often it is that we have a big job to do and we cannot get started.

Instead we sit and read something or phone a friend and by then it is too late to start. Maybe it is something we do not really want to do anyway, a job we do not like, so we fritter away the time by doing lots of other little things that do not add up to anything. Then we wonder why we do not feel satisfied with the day. It is something planned and done, finished and accomplished that brings that sense of pleasure.
How do we overcome these problems? It was once said that if you have two big jobs, you do not want to do, think of them as frogs and 'eat the big frog first'! In that way things do not seem so bad. Get it done and out of the way. If you really have many tasks to be done and it seems almost too daunting, to the point where you know it is paralysing you, do a little of each in an orderly way and then, when you do have the time, the tasks are not so big as you dreaded.
Satisfaction comes from having done a job and finishing it. Try and do one of these each day - like tidying one drawer, or sorting the odd socks or reorganising the food cupboard or cleaning under the microwave. Iron the worst things first! Next day it all looks so good!
One of the most difficult things to cope with is waiting for something or someone. How do you cope? Think of those few minutes as a gift. Perhaps you could have a small dictionary in your pocket and learn a new word and its meaning while you are waiting? Carry a pen and a notebook to jot down that idea or the question that is going round in your mind. You could do a great deal of reading in the course of a week if you used all the groups of spare minutes - time on the bus, or waiting for the children from school. There is a man who regularly reads all the time he is walking to and from work! What could you do to make the time more useful while you are waiting in the supermarket queue, for instance?
A story is told of a trolley bus driver who drove as far as the terminus several times a day. He had to wait there while the bus was disconnected, turned round and reconnected to the overhead wires. One day he hit on an idea - he could make those minutes count for something. So into his cab the next morning went a trowel and some plants, and while he was waiting he dug over a small patch around the turning circle and planted up what he had brought with him. The next time he cleared a little more, until at last the whole area was landscaped and became quite a talking point in the area. He had made a waiting time into something beautiful.

We always have to remember that we do not belong to ourselves and our time is given to us by God, as is everything else in our life. This may sound a very different idea, but have you ever thought of asking God at the beginning of the day what HE wants you to do in the day? Sometimes He can put things into your mind that you had not thought of. He may ask you to visit someone, or go somewhere, or read something, all things which you know that humanly there is no possibility of fitting into your day.

What choice will you make? It has been proved that if we carry out these things, somehow the time and energy seem to come, and other things fall into their places. It makes for a very exciting life. There are many different schemes for successfully making the most of time, but this is the best one, as it brings the most rewards.

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