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To complement the meals you make you will need to have some of the finishing touches, like creams and mayonnaises, and salad dressings. Here are some recipes that will not add cholesterol, or large amounts of calories and in fact have nutritious benefits as well as taste.


1C cashew nut pieces
2T lemon juice
1/2 t salt
1/2 t onion powder (Grind down dried onion granules)
1/4 t garlic powder
3T cornflour for thickening.

Place the cornflour in 11/2C water and bring to the boil. Boil for 3 minutes. Grind the cashews to a powder using the nut mill. Then put in the blender with 1C hot water. Do not add all the water at first; blending is easier with a thicker mixture. Then add all ingredients into the cooled cornflour mixture. Blend all until very creamy and chill.
This will keep in a screw top jar in the fridge for a week.


2T lemon juice
1t salt
1/4 t paprika
1/4 t onion powder
1/8 t celery seasoning

Combine all and blend until smooth, then chill. This can be shaken together in a screw top jar and then kept in it. Saves time and washing up!

Use for topping potatoes.

1 2/3 C water
1t salt
Lemon juice (to taste)
1/4 t garlic powder
1/2 t onion powder

Blend all the ingredients and chill. If this is blended with either an avocado or with tomatoes, it makes two other different salad dressings.

CASHEW CREAM (to replace dairy cream)

1 C cashew nuts (broken)
1 C hot water
8 dates
1t vanilla
Dash of salt

First soften the dates in the hot water, then chill. Blend all until smooth. You may need to add more water.
If you wish to use this as milk with a cereal, add more water until it is as you wish it. For a summer variation fresh strawberries can be added at the blending stage.

MARGARINE substitute. It tastes good for breakfast with sugarless jams and although it does not melt on toast, it is very creamy.

1 C maize meal (fine polenta, the yellow corn meal) well cooked in 4C water.
3/4 C cashews finelyground
Salt to taste

Blend all together till a creamy colour, then chill in a covered butter dish. It will last in the fridge for about a week.
We hope you enjoy experimenting. Have fun!

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