Health And Hope

Health And Hope

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The hope perspective

If there is a God why does he allow suffering?

hearted nurse gave Maria a big hug and said, 'Of course Doctor Bailey loves you.' With a big grin Maria climbed up on the bed and said, 'Then, I'll be all right. I'll go to sleep now.' Maria was ready for surgery. This is trust, the trust of a child.

Another story is told from Africa of a time of severe drought. The crops were at stake and soon there would be no food and whole villages would be threatened with death. The mission church invited all around to come for special prayer. They knew rain came from God and they knew they could ask Him for rain. They came from all directions, some carrying babies, some carried their Bibles, but one small child came and he was carrying something different - an umbrella. That is real trust!

Both these stories are of children. They think more simply than grown ups do. But to trust God and His power we need to develop the trust of little children.

What is the power of God?
The account of the six days of the creation of our world shows the power of God clearly. 'In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.' Genesis 1:1. How did he create the earth? 'For he spake and it was done; he commanded and it stood firm.' Psalm 33:9. God can create with a word.

He healed with a word. He can make something where nothing was before; such is His power. God is always creative. He is not destructive or punishing towards us. His intent is to restore us from our plight. His attitude to us is always positive. He wants to restore us.
It is not just poor health that is our problem, but all the sins of life too. We know what they are for the Holy Spirit is always talking to our conscience to prompt us to something better. This is why we feel uncomfortable.

The power of God can make us new again - from sin and from the poor health of less than good lifestyle. If we learn the principles of healing the body in God's way, we will also know how to stop doing wrong things too. Health principles are an daily, living illustration of how we can make our spiritual problems better.

Look at the boxes below and you will see the parallels between the two situations

De-toxing, choosing to be obedient to health laws, changing lifestyle, trusting God to give the benefits, and enjoying the blessing and peace of feeling better. Fully acknowledging and confessing all our sins to God, choosing to be obedient to His commandments, beginning a new life, trusting God for His power, and experiencing the blessings of peace and hope.
God wants nothing more than to make us into good, healthy people. He has seen the human race degenerating and unhappy, and this was not His plan for us.
Has your life been hard? Does it seem unfair?
Trusting may be hard because we have been born with a defect, or through heredity there is some disability. Perhaps ignorant abuse of health, or even knowingly abusing our health over a long period of time has caused very real damage to take place. Maybe your illhealth stems from the loneliness of bereavement or divorce. Whatever your situation, following God's way of health and hope will bring help and improvement even if not total rejuvenation.

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