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Body Spring Cleaning

We all have times when we look around and realise that everywhere needs a good sort out. The windows are smeary. The garage has a collection of half used paint pots. There is one patch in the garden that never seems to get cleared. Our body gets like that too. For years we know we have not treated it as we should, although sometimes we do know better. The resolutions are always for tomorrow—you know how it is!

So what do you do? With jobs that need to be done around where we live, it usually means we have to take a deep breath, make a decision, whether we are in the mood or not, and get started. Doesn’t it feel so much better, when even a small problem is tackled, and freshened up? We need to think of our bodies like this.

Would you put your dinner on a dirty plate, with dried on gravy from yesterday, and all the lumps and bits of previous meals still there? The thought is repugnant, but that is what most of us do with our bodies every day.

New food goes down on top of half-digested pieces of the previous snack, or on to leftovers from breakfast that the stomach did not have time to deal with. The alimentary canal through which our food passes is coated with deposits and so there is little active body surface that works, to assist the food to move along it. The arteries are becoming blocked with deposits of waxy cholesterol. The cells are drowning in excess fluid or live in a permanent, stagnant, marshy swamp which does not allow them to get enough oxygen to function or be fed properly. To complete the picture the main drain is blocked with constipation. The bacteria and toxins there thrive and multiply. To make things worse, if the rubbish cannot find its way out, it is partly reabsorbed into the body and infiltrates the tissues. All this supplies the perfect conditions for illness and disease to develop.

Because the body fights quietly for a long time, we do not realise what is happening. Then the symptoms begin to appear – allergies, pains, infections, coughs and colds, sore throats, increased weight, and worse. Late-onset diabetes, heart disease, the pains of arthritis, gall stones, and other diseases have all been attributed to our way of eating. We are slowly killing ourselves!

But it tastes nice while we do it! And we enjoy it!


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