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If there is a God why does he allow suffering?

I just don't seem to have any will power!

This is the problem with so many of our good intentions. We want to do things differently, but we do not seem to have the will power.
This, maybe more any other single factor, can affect our health.
Where have you failed through lack of will power?
How long has this been a problem? Years?

The usual things seem to be smoking, over eating, drinking, or cutting out what we know is not good for us. Usually we are in a social situation where we are offered something that we had decided not to have. Sometimes from habit, or sometimes from politeness, we have just the one, or just another helping. If we are honest, didn’t we take it because deep down we really wanted it? And was this just the excuse we needed?

We always intend that tomorrow will be different,
but it never is, is it?

“Temperance”. This is not a word that we use everyday. The dictionary talks about it as 'restraining self', or - having self control.
When something nice is being offered, self has to be restrained or we will be greedy. When we see something that we know is not good for us, self has to be restrained so that we do not reach out and have it. From previous pages, you will know the things that you can have in moderation and those things that you should not have at all.

SELF is like an eager young dog, always straining at the leash and ready for anything! I want it now!
The process of developing self control, offered through Health and Hope, may not be what you expect, but ask yourself honestly - have any other plans or schemes or resolutions been successful so far? Gritting your teeth does not work!

All areas of our lives interact:

  • but some areas are more physical than anything else, like food, or drink, or elimination.
  • others are more mental and require understanding, like the principle of cause and effect.
  • Self-control is more spiritual, but the effect on physical and mental health is immense.

First of all - how did the problem of everyone’s weak will power and lack of self control begin? This will make it easier to understand.

This weakness is a legacy from the first people on earth - Adam and Eve. They were tempted, they had just one bite, but once they had given in, self control was gone. The gates were opened. There was a permanent weakness in their lives. Self always wanted to be first - I can do it my way. It was not long until the first murder.

We still want to do it our way, and do it now!

Somewhere deep inside each of us, is a longing to be different, to be able to overcome bad habits, to be a better person, and to be at peace. This desire is actually God talking to us. He wants to attract our attention and point us to something better. He wants us to be different people, to be restored to what we were meant to be - good people.

To make it doubly hard we have TV commercials and other forms of advertising around us all the time, trying to pull us the opposite direction.

But there is very real hope for everyone.
The desire to be better begins with God, and finishes with God. He does not just put the desire there and then leave us to try on our own.

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