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Food as Medicine


Mountains stand high above the problems of the valleys and the lowlands. There are no cities in high mountains,; there is lower pollution, and crime, no heavy traffic, nor pressures and deadlines. Mountains stand for solidity in a changing world. High up in the snows there is just the sound of the wind; the air is pure and sweet, even the green leaves on the low shrubs seem brighter, the sunlight stronger, and the sky a deeper blue. There is a quiet clean restfulness. To stand still, to gaze around is to see wide vistas with wisps of mist rising up the slopes from the small dark lakes in the purple dawn. Gradually the mountains reach your heart and unconsciously your shoulders drop; there is hope, there is quiet, there is a longing to stay there for ever.

Unfortunately we all have to live in the lowlands, but as we learn about better health and the potential for living we can have the mountains in our hearts, from day to day wherever we live. Above the wet grey, or yellowish pollution of our skies there is that deep blue. High above the pollution of our cities , there are bright shrubs and flowers. Living a life of total health will take you in mind and body far above the lowlands of every day life. Is it not worth the effort to climb up to health and hope?

Thomas Edison said, ‘The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame and in the cause of and prevention of disease.’ Our health is deteriorating, and immune systems are weaker; each one of us expects to develop one of the degenerative diseases as we get older - heart disease, circulatory problems, high blood pressure or strokes. We live with pollution, and our children get asthma, and all this is compounded by high levels of stress. But this booklet will show that natural food is an effective preventive medicine; and can work to our benefit, even if we already have problems. It may save us medical bills in the future too.

But what foods are medicine to us?
The elimination process was to clear out the rubbish in our system and replace it with an environment where the cells and organs can live and thrive and work efficiently. An unhealthy body system is acid and a clean healthy system is alkali. We have a reservoir, or base level in our system and this is alkali. When this becomes overturned and our system is more acid than alkali then we are in danger of disease. When we overeat of rich foods we get an ‘acid stomach’.
In the cleansing programme the diet was only fruit and vegetables and water. Raw fruits and vegetables are alkali. All the things to be avoided, e.g. cakes, meats, dairy products, processed foods, were acid-base. It has nothing to do with taste. It concerns the ‘ash’ that is left in the body when the digestive processes have finished, contributing to the alkali pool of a healthy body.
Therefore all that is said about nutrition is based on regulating and maintaining the alkali reservoir in the body, so that we can have better defences against disease and to allow the body to work to heal itself. It means having more alkali food than acid foods.

Today’s Prescription for Tomorrow’s Health
Eat only those things which come from plants, and where possible have them raw and fresh. If you have an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables and beans with whole meal bread or cereal and a few nuts or seeds, you will not have to worry about the alkaline/acid balance.
Take this prescription to the greengrocer and a shop selling wholefoods - and you are on the way

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