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Health And Hope

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When we buy a new automatic washing machine or a car there is a user’s manual with it and we obey the user’s manual.  We do it because we want what we have bought to last, to run efficiently, and to be effective for the purpose that we have bought it for.  So when the washing machine says to use automatic powder, we do not cheat and use the hand-wash powder that is easy to find under the sink and conveniently to hand. If we have done this accidentally, we all know that it takes a long time to clear the foam. We do not put diesel fuel into a car with a petrol engine.  Breaking this rule would result in a very sick car.  We know these things and obey them.

Our bodies have rules too, but we think nothing of breaking these every day.  We have been told that our bodies run best on fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains with fibre, and the rule of not eating between meal or having too much salt, or eating too much fat in our food.  We know the rules but we and our children keep, putting into our special living machinery fizzy artificially coloured and sweetened drinks, crisps biscuits, cakes fry-ups, sugar and sweets, and then talk of ‘not being so well today’!

The fact is not one of us likes rules and we would prefer to be free from such laws, to do as we wish - we all have a streak of rebellion in us, but it is fact of life that we cannot break the rules of cause and effect.  It is necessary for us to know the laws of health and wellness and begin to do the right things before we can experience restoration of wellness in body and mind. But because our body is tolerant and does its best to function, we can be rebels for quite a long time or even sadly, act in ignorance, but the results will eventually show up in symptoms that we do not like.

SYMPTOMS  We have become used to symptoms and looking for some way to alleviate those,   but the symptoms are just the sign that something wrong is happening at a much deeper level.  They are like the tip of the iceberg after years of breaking the laws of life.

All parts of our body are bounded by laws of life that it might be well with us.  We are made up of physical mental spiritual and moral elements, and there are laws that govern all these, and they all interact.  So we cannot concentrate on the physical laws and ignore the mental laws etc, if we are to have true health.

  • Physical laws.  We are all affected by gravity. This is what astronauts miss when they are weightless, and we have seen how the health of bones and muscles can be seriously affected.
  • Mental laws.  If we do not get enough sleep our brains do not function effectively. Stress and overwork affect our minds, our moods and our perspectives on life.
  • Spiritual laws.  If we do not give or receive love and affection, we develop stunted personalities.
  • Moral laws.  God has given us ten commandments. If we break these, we have to live with guilt.  They are to teach us how to relate to God and those around us, and show us that we should be content with what we have.

CHILDREN AND LAWS.  Children need firm consistent boundaries in order to be kept secure and happy in all aspects of their lives.

ADULTS AND LAWS.  We live as though we have total freedom from laws and can do as we please.  Most of our problems in life come from going outside the boundaries of the physical, mental, spiritual, and moral laws that govern the human being. 

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