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SURVEYS taken in developed countries have shown that a large percentage of people never drink plain water, but always have juices, tea, coffee, cola drinks, or other fluids. Water is the natural drink for all living creatures. Our cats, dogs, birds and farm animals drink water, and all wild animals, but not, it seems, human beings!

Circulation -
WATER maintains proper blood consistency for blood is 80% fluid.

Digestion - WATER provides sufficient saliva and stomach fluids to process our food.
Nourishment - WATER carries the vitamins, minerals and proteins to all the cells of our bodies.
Lubrication - WATER provides the cushions that our joints need and allows membranes to slide easily over one another. The surface of our eye needs to have constant fluid so that it does not become sore. Working muscles create waste products and water takes this away.
Fluid release - WATER promotes the health of our tissues. Fluid retention is not caused by drinking too much water, and drinking less will not take it away. Drinking plain water will actually encourage the body to release the excess fluid.
Immunity - WATER fights disease. When you are getting a bug try drinking a glass of water every ten minutes for the first hour. This can often stave off a full blown cold.
Temperature - WATER regulates the body temperature, helping to keep it at what we know as 'normal'.
Elimination - WATER inside and out cleans away the toxins and wastes
We become 'dehydrated'. (We only have to lose 20% of the water in our body and we die.) Older people who are not getting enough to drink can become confused. In anyone, kidney or bladder stones and urine infections develop when we do not drink enough. Constipation can be a problem. Even tiredness or headache may be due to insufficient water in our bodies
Give your blood a bath!
When we give our bodies a bath, we get into water - not tea, coffee, lemonade, cola drink! So to give our blood a bath it is with water.
There are different ways to choose from -
1. Go to a charity shop and buy 3 pint glasses, fill these at the beginning of the day and then sip during the day, but not around meal times.
2. The systematic way suggests 2 glasses when you wake up, 2 during the morning, 2 in the afternoon and 2 in the evening.
3. Fill 2 1-litre bottles with water and carry these with you to drink during the day. Have some out of the bottle first thing in the morning though, to replace what you lost during the night.
4. The visual way means drinking enough to keep your urine pale through the day. But never to excess.

A reminder of the principles - 3-4 pints a day (of simple water, not tea, coffee or other drinks), taking a long drink when you first get up, then sip during the day. Do not drink with your meals or for 20 minutes before (your stomach is preparing the digestive juices at this time and water will dilute them) and not for an hour after meals (this is when your stomach is too busy to cope.)

What should be the temperature of our drinking water?
Our stomachs are designed to work best at body temperature, this means that cold water has to be warmed up before it can be of benefit to us, and hot water has to be cooled down. It is best to have water when it is blood heat - just so you can hardly feel it in your mouth.

So far we have looked at the physical aspects of water, cleansing and healing both inside and out. But we know that our lives are more than just a physical body.

How does water affect other elements of our lives - the mental, the spiritual, the moral. If we drink enough to keep our body functioning smoothly, then we are going to think more clearly, so, if we have study for exams or have decisions to make, then we shall be more alert and less likely to

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