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Health And Hope

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How many friends do you have? Have you realised that we make most friendships when we are younger? As we get older, life changes and it is not so easy to make new friends. What do you do to keep your friends? It was once said that many people give their friends an ‘organ recital’ each time they meet them! This means they talk about their heart... and their lungs,... and their stomach,... or they talk about those who are ill. Some have only stories of tragedies or funerals. When you visit friends, what do you talk about?

Is there 'a better way'? Why not write notes to your friends, telling them the good and interesting things in your life. It is nice to have a card on the mantle- piece but when did you last send one just to say 'hello'? There is no point in sharing the bad things, as they are not new and everyone has them. Pass on the funny things that have happened to you, the happy things, those events that have made you smile. It might be that you have to search for them in your life, but something is there for each of us. Why not invite a different friend to come and visit you each day and make it an informal happy time, (with some healthy food or drink too.) When you visit a friend, do not stay too long - just a few cheerful minutes and then leave. They will look forward to your next visit then.

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