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By now you will begin to see the sense of a diet using plant products but this inevitably cuts out many things from the usual shopping list - especially cheese, cheese spreads, pizza, lasagne and others. What can you do instead? There are wonderful substitutes, but first you need to realise that none of them will taste exactly as you know cheese tasted. So do not allow the first, perhaps disappointing, taste to put you off. Think of the benefits and look at this as a new culinary venture rather than trying to make dishes exactly as you did before. All these recipes have been well tested and are usually liked quite readily.
First of all, look round your health-food store and also ask about cheese substitutes, for there is a wide variety of cheese type spreads that go well on crackers and sandwiches. Then look at hard cheeses. These are not always available but, if you can find them, they are wonderful in sandwiches with tomatoes or grated in salad. (They do not melt however.) You could ask if the health-food store could stock them. Try just one at a time.

So now to make something you will never have found before in a cookbook!

(TYPE A - for dishes to be cooked.)

1C hot water
1/4C cashew pieces
1/3C sunflower seeds
1/2C raw porridge oats

Blend all these together.
Then add to the blender -
1 and 1/2t onion powder (make your own by blending dry onion pieces till fine and keep in a jar.)

3T sesame seeds
1t salt
1/2C red pepper chopped
4T lemon juice.

If you can find yeast flakes, add 2T for a cheesier flavour.

- very popular! (Uses ‘Type A’ Cheesy Sauce.)
Use precooked, eggless lasagne sheets, plain or with spinach.
Make a savoury mixture of fried onion, mushrooms, courgettes, Italian seasoning, tomato passata (creamed tomato). Add garlic if preferred. Add salt to taste.
  • Place a layer of the vegetable mixture in the bottom of the dish,
  • Then a layer of pasta,
  • A further layer of vegetable mixture,
  • Followed by a layer of cheesy sauce.
Repeat the pasta and vegetable mixture layers and finish with a cheesy layer.
Finish the top layer with a sprinkling of wholemeal breadcrumbs to give texture.
This is a moist and savoury dish that is always complimented.
Using the same cheese sauce, build your pizza in the way you like it, on a ready- bought base. Be sure and only use vegetable toppings. It can be finished with a handful of grated hard soya

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