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Foot health - shoes.
Readers may remember the dire warnings about high heels damaging your feet and back. but there are other different problems with shoes. There are many people walking round in the wrong size shoes because that is the size they have always worn. It is often the case that, as people get older, the shoe size needs to be increased. With our clothes and shoes we need to follow what our body is telling us. If it is too tight, then try a different size. There is something to be said for bare feet at times for younger people!

Tight clothes

But to be specific. Wearing tight clothes, nippy waistbands, padded bras that over heat the breast glands, bras with strong elastic or under-wiring design that rubs on ribs, tight-fitting jeans, in fact anything that fits tightly with little 'give' will affect the way our food is processed by the body. This can result in the need to strain when we try to pass a motion, and this in turn causes other problems, possible hiatus hernia, piles and other things. Sometimes fashion can be healthful at the same time, but at other times the things that are copied in the High Street shops may lead to many unseen health problems.
It is not just women that need to think about tightness of clothes. Men too can develop problems from tight fitting clothes, or belts.
We do need to listen to our bodies. If something is uncomfortable and we long to undo it, then we need to wear something looser. It may mean that we have to wear a size bigger. But we do not admit to that idea easily! However, if it is any consolation, if you follow the guidance in these pages you may soon be wearing a size smaller! It has been said that, if you can see marks on your skin left by your clothes, they are too tight. For women wearing tights, there are special difficulties as the warm, moist environment underneath encourages the growth of bacteria and yeasts. One of the best known of these, in connection with certain foods, is thrush or candida with its hot, swollen itchiness.

Hot weather clothes
How do we cope with hot weather? Usually the temptation is to shed clothes until we are barely covered. But sometimes, although we know the danger of exposure to the increasing strength of the sun’s rays, we forget the dangers of skin cancer. We think there is beauty in brown, tanned bodies. But the better way to help the body cope with heat is to be covered in loose, light, cool cotton. This lesson has been learned in Australia. This causes a breeze as you move and any sweat is absorbed by the cotton and this cools us as it evaporates. With increasing dangers from the sun's rays, particularly in certain countries of the world or in places like Cornwall, where the burning time is very short, it may be a good idea to invest in a parasol. Nothing like starting a new fashion - or even a new industry! There is a challenge for someone, as there are not many for sale.

Cold weather clothes
When it is cold what can we do? Often we complain of the cold but do not dress appropriately. The answer is, if we feel cold, change to clothes that will make us feel warm and use layers of light warm clothes. There are many fabrics to help to do this. On coming inside, these layers could be taken off safely, but at all times we should be so comfortable that we are not aware of our bodies or our clothes. Cold feet and legs can actually raise blood pressure. To perform to its best, the circulation system needs to be evenly warm.


It has been said - “Perfect health depends on perfect circulation.” Have the courage to wear what is right for your body, and your health.

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