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When you next go into a health food shop, look at the sweet section. There are so many things to try. Dried fruit-and-nut bars, with apple, ginger or just plain. There are many different carob bars available, some with peppermint, ginger, or orange. The plain bars can be melted down to use as a topping for flapjack recipes. If you like liquorice, there are various sweets. They are more healthy than the traditional mixes but taste good. Because manufacturers are aware of the growing number of people who wish to use healthy alternatives, they are competing with each other to make products which will capture the new market, so the choices are good. Why not try halva too? But look for one that is sweetened with grape juice.

Be careful with the various flapjacks that are for sale, though. In some cases you might as well go to a supermarket and buy your usual cake varieties, for the ingredients are not very different, in fat content and sugar. The main difference is that they may use wholemeal flour. So become a careful label reader.

The following recipes are simple, but deliciously - and satisfyingly - sweet.


2 1/2 C oats
1 C wholemeal flour
1/2 C desiccated coconut
1/2 C ground or chopped nuts

Mix together and spread half on the base of a 9x12 inch pan.

4 C grated apples
1 C finely chopped dates
3 C orange juice
1t vanilla essence.

Pour this filling over the crumb base and spread the remaining crumbs over the top. Bake at 350F, 180C, or Gas Mark 4 for 30 minutes.

Put through the mincer any dried fruit you have available and like. Some people may not like figs in this recipe due to the small seeds. When you have sufficient minced fruit, mix in some ground sunflower seeds. (Use your coffee grinder/mill to make your own ground nuts.)
Roll small pieces of the mixture into bite-size balls.
Place desiccated coconut on a plate and coat the balls one by one.

When ready put the balls into a screw top jar and use as wished - either in paper cases as after dinner sweets, or use as they are for a tempting ‘extra’ at breakfast time. They are very rich in nutrients and are good for anyone in a hurry in the morning, but wanting fresh, filling food.


1/2 C carob powder, either dark or light.
1/2 C water

Mix the carob powder in the water and boil for 5 minutes or until a smooth paste develops.

1 C peanut butter
½ C fine coconut
1 C chopped walnuts
1t vanilla essence

Add this mixture to 1 C date butter. (1 C dates chopped and stewed in ½ C water till very soft.)
Add the carob mixture to all the above.
Press into a square pan. Refrigerate and cut into squares. Put a walnut half on the top of each square.

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