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An experiment was carried out recently using mice and music. Two groups of mice were chosen. When they were given a maze to run through they reached the end in about 10 minutes.

The one group was given classical music to listen to. They ate well and became sleek and fat. At the end of three weeks they worked out a maze in 1 minute thrity seconds.

The other control group had hard rock music piped into their cage. The experiment did not last long as they began to fight and eventually most of them were dead. They had killed or severely injured each other! They were not in any shape to try the maze!

Other experiments have been tried with mice and rabbits and voodoo music. It was played very softly so as not to intrude on their lives. After about three weeks it was found that they seemed to have forgotten the ‘know-how’ of caring for themselves and feeding.

At some rock concerts it has become an experiment to place eggs on the front of the stage. By mid way through the concert these eggs have become hard boiled just by the effect of the shrill music. Shrill tones can coagulate proteins.

Experiments have been done with plants and music. Those given hard music leaned away from the speakers, their growth was stunted and never quite recovered. Some actually died. This experiment was tried with a variety of different plants all with the same results.

However those which were given classical music or devotional music , developed the most strongly and benefited best from the nutrition they were given through their leaves, as the stoma were open to receive the foods. They leaned towards the music and grew strongly. In fact the largest plant that was once in the Guinness book of records was given this treatment.

But not only that it was found that the seeds of these plants were noticeably stronger and more vital for a number of generations. The Bible speaks of the affects of things to the third and fourth generations, and now this has been proved even in plants.

Do you think the choice of music could affect humans too?
We are surrounded by music—a babbling brook, bird song, or laughter and also music in restaurants and shops, in our cars and our homes. Yet we do not take it seriously especially in our young people who would benefit by being exposed to structured classical music or devotional from a very early age. It has been found that the music of bird song is precisely at 5000 hertz which affects plant growth so they take in nutrients to an optimum level. If young people are encouraged to play an instrument so much the better as the pathways of the brain develop in stronger ways and like riding a bike they are

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