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Health And Hope

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If there is a God why does he allow suffering?


For total vegetarians there is more to sandwiches than lettuce! Make lunchtime away from home interesting. Buy a good-sized lunch box and find a selection of tiny plastic containers with snap-on lids. Another good purchase can be a mini coolbag for hot summer days with an ice pack to place in the bottom. For winter a wide-necked food flask is helpful. The problem with packed lunches is that they are often seen as just a ‘stop gap’ until the next ‘proper’ meal or a way of finishing leftovers from the previous day. As a result, at some point in the day, something more attractive or substantial is fancied, so remember this when putting up a lunch for yourself or for someone else, and make it a feast! And something you fancy!

Remember the rule! Think raw! Think colour!
Time in the morning is always limited, so putting up a successful lunch for your family, needs some planning. There will be several elements you will need to have ready.

  • Bread
  • Salad
  • Dressing
  • A source of protein
  • Food to nibble
  • A treat taste
For an adult member of the family, why not put in a little note or card occasionally with a personal message? For a child or teenager, some little gift tucked under the sandwiches from time to time.
Do you get sticky when eating out? Why not enclose an attractive serviette or paper napkin - or even a wet wipe in a tiny plastic box.

Think of the individual parts of your usual packed lunch.

FRUITS They all have skins and are actually like nature’s ready-packed snacks. The juice and the flavour is all held in tightly until you are ready to eat them, and with some fruits after a good scrub, even the packaging can be eaten! Deluxe convenience foods indeed! A red apple has different health giving qualities from a green apple too. They are called phytochemicals.

BREAD It does not have to be commercial sliced bread for quickness. You will often find that bread shops sell more handcrafted wholemeal bread and they will slice it for you on request. You can use rolls of all shapes, or rice cakes, crispbreads, oatcakes, or rye bread. There is a wide selection of bread available with added sundried tomatoes or olives or onions. Cut in chunks, these are delicious with a hearty homemade vegetable soup in the winter. It is the eye appeal of this most humble ingredient of a packed lunch that can make it almost taste better! It can be cut in different ways too - chunks, squares, rolled up round a cocktail stick, or into triangles, and with or without crusts, or brown and white together.

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