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What about eating raw food? Today’s advice is to try to eat 50—75% of your food raw. Does this mean that all you can have is a raw carrot.

Often eating raw foods is considered as something only fanatics do. But this is food in its most natural state, it is still alive and therefore full of the natural goodness and minerals, just as the capillaries of the plant took them up from the soil. Even when we steam something, it has wilted beyond the point of revival.

What kind of things make up raw meals as well the more obvious fruits and vegetables?
- Porridge oats, wheat bran, nuts, seeds, herbs, juices, cold pressed oils, sprouted seeds, sprouted grains (see other links to find detailed instructions on sprouting)

Here are some combinations of those raw foods that will make interesting meal suggestions.

Mash one ripe banana finely, add half a mashed avocado, and 1\4 C sultanas and 4 finely chopped dates. The rich flavour and the fruity textures are a wonderful combination.
This dish with some wholemeal bread is good at breakfast time will satisfy till lunchtime.
6-8 carrots, 3-4 sticks of celery with the strings removed, ½ C ground almonds, ½ onion, juice of ½ lemon, a handful of fresh parsley, 2T tahini, 2t vegetable bouillon powder.

Put the carrots and the celery through the food processor, add the lemon juice, the ground nuts, stir in the tahini and the very finely prepared onion and press into a loaf tin. Garnish and serve with a colourful salad.

2C wheat grains sprouted, 1C mushrooms, ½ green pepper, 2 spring onions, 2 tomatoes. 1-2T French dressing, vegetable bouillon to season to taste.
Combine the sprouts and mushrooms in a food processor but not to a pulp. Finely chop the other ingredients and add, then mix with the dressing and seasoning to taste and a mouldable consistency. Make into balls and flatten into ‘burger’ shapes.

Choose large tomatoes, cut in half in waterlily shapes, and fill with tabouli. Here is how to make the tabouli.

Take 1 C cashew nuts and mill into powder, place in a blender and add 1T honey, 1/2t vanilla essence, and sufficient water to turn the blades. Blend for 1 minute.

Place raisins, sultanas, dates and figs in the food processor until they form a paste. Then taking small spoonfuls roll them in your hands to make little balls. These can be tolled in dried coconut and kept in a sealed jar. You can be adventurous and add carob

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