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Our teeth are more wonderful than we often realise. Had you ever thought that the saliva that washes around our teeth can actually help our teeth get clean. The saliva inside our mouths can either be a natural alkali saliva with lots of minerals and trace elements or it can be acid from eating sugars and meats.

It has been found that those eating vegetables from very mineral rich areas, e.g. near a volcano, have far fewer holes in their teeth that need filling. Good saliva in people who eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables can contain natural antibiotics which protect the teeth and gums.

Did you know that the body actually washes teeth from the inside too? The 'mumps gland' produces a special hormone, the parotid hormone which circulates inside our teeth. With one high sugary meal, however, the amount of this hormone is reduced eight fold.

One answer to good strong teeth then? - an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables and natural foods, with plenty of chewing so that the good salivas are fully stimulated.
Calcium needed. Check ten TALENTS!***

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