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Foodless Foods

These are the products that are sold as food but that have been so processed that they are devitalised and unbalanced. How do you know which foods they are?

The easy way is to know which ones fill you up and satisfy you well so that you are not tempted to continue eating.

  • Many slices of white bread can be eaten
  • Light mousses have an attractive taste and we want more
  • Fried foods and fast foods slip down easily
  • Some foods have a quality that makes you say—I want more, and you go for second or even third helpings –desserts, chocolates, sweet cakes
  • Sweet light breakfast cereals.
  • Salted Nuts

All these foods have been processed highly, elements have been taken out, then they have been enriched, flavoured, salted, sugared, with the addition of other additives and colours, and the natural temptation is to overeat, and then still not get our full nutritional needs. Possibly one half of our food intake is from ‘empty’ calories.

By contrast a meal with wholefoods - a fruit salad, wholemeal bread, porridge or muesli, wholemeal pasta or a jacket potato and a generous green salad - soon tells you when you have had sufficient.

Many people in the western world live on such quick foods every day, but this is why they suffer from malnutrition and the many degenerative diseases.

What choice will you make?


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