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When you first start to change your diet and begin to eat many more raw things, you may be puzzled to find that you feel even more unwell than previously. This is discouraging, but in actual fact is a natural reaction. Most people are pleased to have been warned of this as it comes as a shock and well meaning friends suggest, ‘Give up! If it is making you ill, it cannot be good for you!’
Over the years, particularly if the staple articles of diet have included white bread, cornflour as in custards, and meats, then the chances are that some of the bowel is coated with residues that are now being shifted by the onslaught of fresh foods and the effect of raw fruits and juices. When these accretions are loosened and toxins come into the bloodstream, it is understandable that we will not feel completely well.

The effects of this cleansing process can affect several parts of the body. There is a tendency to feel like the flu, or a cold is coming on. The nose may run and be filled with mucus.

There is a strong likelihood of headaches and pains in joints. If the rubbish is coming out through the skin, your body may smell sour or you may develop spots. It is possible that it may come out directly from the bowel. It could appear as diarrhoea or very loose stools that have a strong odour. Every time you experience this, it means that the toxics of years are coming away. If you have lived quite carefully, then this period may not last more than a few days, but could be longer if your lifestyle has been poor for many years. It is possible that there be could be further healing crises but with each episode they will be shorter-lasting.

It is worth being aware of this, as it can be upsetting if you think you have changed your lifestyle to something better, and then feel worse than before. Do not let anyone discourage you. Do not go back on what you are doing, thinking that fresh foods do not agree with you, or you will have to start all over again another time.

How can you survive this period?

  • Have plenty of rest and do not plan a hectic business or social life. This is an important key to surviving this difficult time. Fresh foods are more powerful than many people realise, so because your body is working very hard to be healed and clean, it would be wise not to undertake any heavy physical work either. It is good to begin the process over a weekend when you can relax.
  • Drink lots of plain water - up to 4 pints (2 litres) a day. It is good to begin the day with the juice of a lemon in a pint ( half litre) of warm water.
  • Skin brushing. Try this when you shower, moving a soft brush in long strokes up towards the heart when you do your limbs, and in gentle circular movements on your trunk.
  • Do not forget the soles of your feet. This is an important area of your body. |This will stimulate the skin, removing the toxins that are being released from this major organ of your body.
  • Sometimes it can be helpful to have some fresh juices as well, particularly fresh carrot juice, but be sure to get organic carrots to juice or you will have concentrations of chemicals to deal with too. The body has to work hard to deal with any chemicals though your liver.
  • Deep breathing. Every time you do deep breathing, toxics will come out through your lungs. It may be that your breath is bad for a few days, but try to persevere.
  • Every time you pass water it may be that fat is coming from your body to be flushed away and you will see the beginnings of a healthy weight loss. To start with however it will be fluids that are lost. It is only after those initial three weeks that the real pattern will emerge.
It will not be long before you find that you will suddenly have an exciting surge of new energy and optimism. Your skin will look clear and your eyes bright. You will realise that something has changed, and it has all been worth while.
In 21 days much of your life can be changed, not only the cells of your body, but your lifestyle. New habits can form in 21 days. The saying is - “21 days to change your ways!” and this is often the case. It is not a long time to wait is it, taking just one day at a time? It took years to build up the damage and it will take a considerable time to get the body back in working order, but every new day will be like a holiday for your body. It can be restored in so many ways.

Even though you may never look 20 again, you will be clean!

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