Health And Hope

Health And Hope

Using The Gifts Of Creation

How are you? Are you well?

Health rules
> Quality of health
> Eating raw
> Sprouting seeds
> Indigestion
Body spring cleaning

Food as medicine


Will Power

Fresh Air

Rest and relaxation

Trust in God

The hope perspective

If there is a God why does he allow suffering?

Eaten too much?
Of unhealthy foods in rich combinations?

It happens to everyone at some time.

If your stomach is acid, and you have heartburn or discomfort, here is some natural first aid.

  • Mix some porridge oats with cold water in a small bowl and take as much as you can comfortably eat. This begins to soothe your stomach naturally.
  • An alternative is to take natural broad bran from a health store and take 2 tablespoons and stir into a small glass of water and eat that with a spoon. It works in the same way and adds fewer calories.
  • Do not eat anything more for 5 hours. Just let your digestive system have a rest to recover.

In the mean time, make a large fruit salad and split into two. Have this for your next two meals with just plain hot water in between, and balance should be restored.

Think positively! And plan to do differently next time. Tomorrow is another day.


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