Health And Hope

Health And Hope

Using The Gifts Of Creation

How are you? Are you well?

Health rules
> Quality of health
> Eating raw
> Sprouting seeds
> Indigestion
Body spring cleaning

Food as medicine


Will Power

Fresh Air

Rest and relaxation

Trust in God

The hope perspective

If there is a God why does he allow suffering?

Looking at the physical life in particular here is an exercise for you, demonstrating some of the laws that govern the body.  Can you fill in the rest of the sentences?
If I do not drink enough, I become …….
If I do not sleep enough, I become …….
If I eat too much, I become …….

If I am overweight, I become …..

These were simple to complete, but sadly they showed only the negative side of life.  Here some sentences that show the positive side of those laws for this is what we need to concentrate on.
When I eat plenty of raw fruit and vegetables, and salads, I ……
When I get 7-8 hours sleep, I …..
When I have a brisk walk, I ……
If my weight was less, I ……

From this simple, very practical test it is easy to see that better health is governed by laws. 

They are connected laws that interact , because if we do not eat well, our minds are sluggish and then we do not have the motivation we need. If we eat just before we go to bed, we put on weight and we do not sleep so deeply and then we become irritable. This means that the next day we are not the nicest of people to live with.  We have broken the law of right and wrong that God has given us by shouting at our family.  These laws are all within the same package.

When we are young we seem to be able to break every rule and get away with it, but the body’s powers of recuperation and resilience do not stay so strong forever! It is God that has created us as we are, and it was not to make us unhappy that He gave us laws on every aspect of life, but for our good, just like with the washing machine and the car.  We have no quarrels keeping those rules.

God’s laws are the laws of cause and effect.  If you do this then that will happen.  Flouting the laws affects our physical life, our mental life, our spiritual life, and moral life.  It weakens our understanding of right and wrong. All the laws work together for our TOTAL HEALTH,  or, if we break them we put other parts of our being our of harmony.


If we have a virus (physical), we cannot concentrate so well (mental).  Prolonged pain (physical) leads to a sense of depression (mental).  If we have indigestion (physical) we are not going to be able to make clear decisions (mental).


If we are sad or bereaved (mental) it seems as if we sigh frequently and feel tired (physical).  If we have a guilty conscience, or we are repressing something that we know we should be doing (mental) then changes can occur in our bodies leading to unpleasant physical symptoms. Daily, on-going, unresolved mental stress is damaging to the body. Various writers on health have linked the stress factor to cancers, arthritis, stomach ulcers and other physical problems.

The body and the mind are intimately connected.  All parts of us interact

What hope there is in these words!  To make a fresh start!  With the way our bodies are designed this is always possible, even into quite advanced years.

  • Body cells are being continuously renewed
  • the skin flakes off and grows again
  • hair falls out and grows in again
  • broken bones knit and heal

We did not have to do anything. Our body is made for renewal.  It will keep trying to do this, even if we abuse it, but if we help our bodies even a little, then our vitality can be greatly improved. 

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