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Health And Hope

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Let's start with breakfast. This where the day begins. Forget the fact that you may often miss breakfast altogether or that you only find time to grab a muffin or warm a croissant with a cup of strong coffee, when you can find time. From tomorrow you can do things differently, but it may need some planning, and a shopping list to be done today first.

Here is the principle to remember -

Lunch like Prince

Tea like a pauper

So your new breakfast will be BIG - and fresh and raw and colourful.

First of all, some things to put on your new shopping list -

  • a harvest of fresh fruits of all kinds,
  • nuts and seeds,
  • dried fruits,
  • then wholemeal bread,
  • rye crisp-breads,
  • nut butter—peanut butter, hazel nut butter, etc.
  • sugar free orange spread,
  • soya milk sweetened with apple juice,
  • a whole grain cereal.

All the recipes in this section use cup measures. They are so easy to use and this kind of meal preparation does not have to be precise, but keep to the same cup or small mug each time. It is simple to experiment with these and other new recipes.

MUESLI There are two recipes - a) one that you soak overnight. These are German or Swiss type mueslis. b) The those that are dry and you add 'milk' as usual in the morning.

a) 1C porridge oats
1 grated eating apple, including the skin
1/4 C raisins
Soya milk sweetened with apple juice, or rice milk, or oat milk.

Mix with enough milk to just cover, and pour into a cereal bowl. Cover tightly with food film.
In the morning, sprinkle 1/4C ground almonds on the top and garnish with a piece of fruit.

b) 3C porridge oats
1/4C wheatgerm (untoasted)
1/4C wheat bran

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