Health And Hope

Health And Hope

Using The Gifts Of Creation

How are you? Are you well?

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If there is a God why does he allow suffering?


Previous pages talked about the laws of life, using the example of a car. There is a hole at the back of the car where we put in the fuel. If we put petrol into a petrol engine, there is no problem, but if we put diesel fuel into a petrol engine, there will be a major problem.

We have a hole in our face – our mouth - and we put the wrong fuel into it, day after day after day. And even when we know we are full up, we still keep putting in more of the same and, later in the day, still more.

The problems with our body machinery come from eating sugary, starchy food which clogs us up; too much concentrated protein, usually from animal sources, which takes cholesterol into our bodies; and having very slow elimination systems for the wastes.


These three -

  • Sugary, starchy foods – cakes, biscuits, sweets, etc
  • Concentrated proteins – meats, often processed
  • Poor, weak, slow elimination of solid wastes cause many of the health problems we develop in life.

But add to this -

  • Salt
  • Additives, the E numbers.
  • Cigarettes with the nicotine
  • Caffeine in coffee, tea, chocolate, most fizzy drinks and especially cola drinks
  • Theobromine in chocolates and drinking chocolate

Then we have the residue of used chemicals as well

  • Antibiotics and hormones in the meats and animal products we eat
  • Pesticides in vegetables. Carrots and apples absorb the most. Plus toxic waste in fish.

In view of all this, is it ever possible to have better health?

YES! But some preparation is needed first.
In fact it is essential. The drains need unblocking and made sweet. We need to start removing the stored rubbish. To do this is to begin to renew the balance of the body chemistry, so that the body can begin to recuperate and rebuild more effectively

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