Health And Hope About Us
Health And Hope About Us

Health And Hope

“Let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take of the
water of life freely.”

About Us

As our own years have matured, we have seen that many people of all ages are struggling with life, and feeling the pressures and unrest that come from all sides.

Many mornings there seems to be hardly enough energy to cope, let alone to think creatively and feel the buoyancy that one somehow feels should be there.

Health and Hope has been prepared to bring you some improvement to your life and thinking whatever your age or ability. You can find new enthusiasm and hope. It is never to late!

Heather and Gordon want to share with you some ways of finding new beginnings, and a degree of renewed health. Our aim is to help you discover restoration in your own life.

What you will read comes to you as a result of almost two decades of meeting with people, speaking in different countries on these topics , preparing lifestyle lectures, and introducing people to new ways of food preparation—all with an optimistic flavour and a smile.

We would love you to explore further ….

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