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Health And Hope

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How do you react to the unfamiliar?

It is always easier to stay with what is familiar and comfortable.  It is also natural to reject anything unfamiliar. We feel secure in staying with what we, and our family and friends, have always thought and done.  It takes effort to break out of the mould.  This is particularly true when you are not feeling one-hundred-per-cent well.

Some suggestions may seem to unfamiliar and at first seem to need too much effort to attempt. Or the recipes may have methods and ingredients that you are not accustomed to, or may seem too complicated to try.  If you can think your way past the barrier of rejecting the unfamiliar, then you will discover the huge benefits that so many others have already found.

Some things in these pages will require you to make strong choices.

  • To stay with the lifestyle that you have now. If you stay where you are you will find that you still have those same old problems that have been with you for a long time, that are not improving.


  • To change to a better way of life. If you make the changes it is possible to help your body begin to clear the root causes of your problems.

Don’t let the unfamiliar hold you back from a new quality of life! Think—A Better Way, A Better Way.

Although it will take a decided effort to choose to be different, the benefits will be quickly seen.  You will feel lighter in yourself, and some of your excess weight will drop off quickly.  You will know that what you are doing is making you clean inside and restoring to some extent what has been damaged.  The body can rebuild itself.  Many diseases are avoidable, or at least we can reduce the risk of disease.  We do not live in a perfect world, and we do not claim that, but we can help ourselves.


This is just how short a time it could take to begin to find a new you.

What will be the benefits?  Can this way be trusted?  Is it worthwhile?  Will it really help me?

Some benefits will be predictable, others will give you a pleasant surprise!  Here is what other people have found.  New energy, a new zeal for living, being able to get more done in the day, and increased physical stamina. 

  • But there are other benefits too.  You may find that you will be sharper and clearer in your thinking.  Surprisingly a quite elderly lady tried the Health and Hope pattern of living and discovered that at the Evergreen Club she was suddenly winning all the card games and quizzes!  She was delighted for it was a very unexpected bonus!
  • Another much younger person reported that car driving ability had improved as reactions were quicker and unexpectedly night sight was considerable improved.  This had been very helpful, giving a real increase in confidence.

When you see the changes in your own life, you will soon realise that your efforts are paying off for you and that the challenging choices were worth it, for health and for the unexpected results.

Become as the trout!  This fish lives in fast flowing streams, and for its whole life it swims against the current.  When it gives in and goes with the flow, it is a dead trout!

Life can be yours. Abundant life can be yours—all by making a few interesting choices!

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